The Pop Album reviewed in Aug/Sept NZ Musician magazine!!

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…As the reviews and feedback of The Pop Album slowly start to trickle in…here’s a great review in the reputable NZ Musician magazine – August/September edition!! Check it out-


By Ricardo Kerr
It seems implausible if not completely impossible that this is The Doubtful Sounds’ debut recording. So much work and effort and polish has gone into it that you begin to doubt its origins. Can this really be a first time effort? It is an album of tact and poise that will feel instantly familiar to anyone who was raised among New Zealand’s formidable pop-rock tradition. You will hear it from the first charming chords of the cheeky title track (“Here’s a pop album you’ll want to listen to / here’s a pop album that’ll make you smile,” it declares) right to the last notes. These are not merely songs though – not throwaway snippets of melody and store-bought sentiment – but honest-to-goodness slices of homegrown storytelling. The Doubtful Sounds is driven by the duel creative minds of Matt Cawte and James Noble (both of whom sing and play bass and guitar). One based in Wellington, the other in Auckland, they are backed up by a colourful cast of supporting characters who flesh out these tales with aplomb. There is no doubt that a lot of fun was had in making ‘The Pop Album’ and it is an infectious joy that will spread to anybody listening to it.

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