We’ve put up our first studio efforts online as a free download – you can listen to the files below, or download. Feel free to link to this page or use the player…

Recorded at Arch Hill Studios in Auckland, S3 is a 3-track EP with all songs starting with S.  These mixes were not mastered and we dont have the original recordings to hand, so quality is not the best… sorry… If you like them we might put one on a future album (Stitches is my fav).

  1. Seemlessly is a melodic pop song about a lot of things, hopefully people can find something in it themselves.
  2. Scatter Clouds is probably more a thought-piece or feeling than a song, written on a rainy day, it is about what we see when we look at ourselves.
  3. Stitches is a typical Doubtful Sounds song, 2/3rds pop, 1/3rd rock.  Some noisy guitar to periodically overplay some nice harmonies, it is a song about love – though many may find that hard to understand from the lyrics (perhaps that is a reflection on love in itself).

There will be more free downloads (another 3 track EP in December will be next) so please join the Doubters mailing list and keep in touch.

Tell us what you think, doubters!

S3 by The Doubtful Sounds